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#004 事業困擾:為甚麼夢想理想就只有這些,而別無他選?

問:如果理想夢想是值得及需要去追求,而過去是無法改變,那看待「求不得」的理想夢想,及如何自處?舉一個例子,本來想當環境工程師,成績關係只能進入工業工程系,而環境工程的職位也只能由「相關學系」的畢業生擔當。工程專業麻煩就麻煩在沒有學士後conversion programme可讀,僱主也沒有理由要請非本科——反正有大量專科供應。最麻煩的其實是,為什麼你的理想夢想就只是這個,別無其他。

答:Life is full of challenges, fun and surprises. No one know in advance if this direction or method will be better or worse than the other alternatives that one came across at a junction. In old Chinese saying — "Every Road Leads to Rome”. The best way to do is to enjoy life, follow your sense and interest, and to do your best in any road that you take.





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