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Inspire Entrepreneurship Talk 第九場:創業者您必須要懂的基本法律知識

第九場:創業者您必須要懂的基本法律知識 (4月16日, 星期六)

對象:求突破的學生 時間:15:00 – 16:30 地點:香港科技大學 LT - K 語言:英語




Essential Law Knowledge for YOU, the Entrepreneurs

Introduction:Recently, enterpreneurship is a popular topic in Hong Kong. While embracing the trend, lack of basic legal knowledge in startup will be an obstacle to all young entrepreneurs. Important legal topics related to startups include Intellectual Properties, allocations of shares and potential problems related to investors to startups. Without these important knowledge, any legal mistakes will be fatal to excellent startups. We are glad to invite a lawyer who is an expert to related areas, to share with us, the entrepreneurs.

About Speaker:Eric IP - Practising Hong Kong Solicitor

Graduated with dean's List in his law degree, Eric is currently a practising Hong Kong solicitor specializing in civil and commercial litigation, having worked with various international and local firms. He has advised a variety of clients on commercial matters, ranging from international groups to television celebrities.

Aside from his professional expertise, Eric was also keen on public services and has served as the Secretary of the Asian Law Students' Association (Hong Kong) and President of the Undergraduate Law Society of CUHK.


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